22 Aralık 2011 Perşembe

Solidarity Letter from New York City! / New York İşgalcilerinden Destek Mektubu!

 Türkçe çevirisine buradan ulaşabilirsiniz.

From New York City to Istanbul, greetings and solidarity to the students of Boğaziçi University who on December 6 took back what is theirs. Providing inexpensive, nutritious food is no hard thing. But when the students requested food, the university gave them Starbucks. Let us be clear—to hold hungry students hostage to the coercive mandates of global capital is an act of violence. But this time it was not tolerated. When the administration struck, the students struck back.

From campus to campus, from city to city, we struggle. At first, our struggles grow out of our localities, out of the depredations and insults visited upon us by a capitalist class deaf to the needs of humanity. We begin to live when we refuse their poisoned, disposable cups. In that process of refusal, we learn of others who have decided to live as well, to prepare their food and eat it together, distant from the humiliating lash of currency. And thus slowly, the veil is lifted and our common enemy is revealed. We no longer accept the commodification of nutrition, we refuse the commodification of our lives. We do not accept the biopolitics of “this food is good enough” or "this life is sufficient" from any educational, political and economic elite.

Your struggle is our struggle. What we have learned from this struggle assures us that, in time, we will be there with you, and we will share a free and bountiful meal. Let this message of solidarity stand as such.

In solidarity,
Committee on Roaming Occupations (New York City)

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