30 Aralık 2011 Cuma

New York'tan bir selam daha! New York City Student Assembly'den Dayanışma Mektubu

 Türkçesi de burada.

"From the New York City Student Assembly:

A letter of Solidarity to the occupying students of Boğaziçi University:

We, the assembly of students across New York City, write to express our solidarity to you, the students who on December 6 occupied the new campus Starbucks. Since having nutritious food at an affordable cost is an absolute prerequisite to performing the tasks of a student, since the prices of basic food items are rising world-wide, and since the root cause of the resultant discrepancy between fundamental need and ability to provide can be traced to private, corporate ownership of the means of production, we salute and offer our full support to the students who refused to passively accept an impossible situation by fighting against this impossible logic.

When you requested food, the university gave you a Starbucks. There is little more insulting than not only refusing to provide for the most basic of human needs, but also commodifying its possible satisfaction in an egregious manner. By bringing largely unaffordable corporatized food to a campus, the university has starkly revealed its violent role in the reproduction of a deeply unjust economic system. As you were held hostage to this development, we commend you for resisting this violent act and occupying a space that should always have been determined by the interests and needs of the students. You have fought back against manufactured hunger, disenfranchisement, and the extreme colonization of student spaces that is proceeding here in New York at a rapid pace as well. 

Occupiers of Boğaziçi University: We recognize your action as setting a new standard for resistance and we hope to both join and supplement your efforts in the time ahead. In so doing we know that we must coordinate all efforts, and build a worldwide system of resistance. The system we are fighting is larger than New York or Istanbul although it encompasses both, and any violence against the students of Istanbul is at the same a blow to the students in New York. We stand in firm solidarity and are ready to collaboratively fight alongside you as the struggle progresses.
In solidarity,
The New York City Student Assembly"

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